The United States needs to set boundaries, and I’m not talking about building a wall….

You always hear about the necessity to set boundaries in our lives and in our relationships. The United States, more than anyone, needs to set boundaries.

We have none.

I am not talking about building a wall, I am talking about individual or personal boundaries first!

For example, what happened to the moral conduct we had as a nation?

Traditions such as telling our little girls to “cross their legs” and “cover up”? This is not a new concept, it is called self-respect.

What happened to GOOD music without the need to call women “hoes”? What are we teaching our little boys? Certainly not about respecting women.

What happened to being able to sit down and watch a movie without always seeing a pair of tits in it? While I am sure men and lesbian women do not have a problem with it, I, as a heterosexual woman, absolutely do!

Our nation, as a whole, is so focused on trying to please every group, every religion, every race, we have let ourselves become a doormat.

While I love free speech and try to respect everyone’s voice, I have to ask… is there a limit?

I mean, if we keep giving everyone a pedestal to stand on, will we lose track of our own pedestal as the United States of America?!